In a world with few alternatives to"alternative,"
a world polluted with radio-slop, Brit-pop and
David Lee Roth back on top,
we need heroes.
Imagine Paul Westerberg getting slapped silly by Keith Richards
and both of them getting good and liquored up and going off to
annoy the hell out of Oasis.
That's sort of what we have here.
Porcelain. Heroes? Possibly.
A damn good rock n' roll band? Definitely.
Check it out:

You'll find Porcelain's single "On You"
on the
SFO3/Gavin compilation CD, coming out next week.

When CBS-TV needed to drown out a phone conversation on
who do you think they turned to? Damn right they did.

The time? January, 1996.
The place? San Francisco's Transmission Theatre.
The event? The 1996
NARAS Grammy Showcase.
The result? Porcelain leaves a trail of destruction in its wake
and goes on to be hailed as
"One of the Best Unsigned Bands in the Country."

Neva Chonin of the SF BayGuardian said Porcelain was
enough to give an audio junkie thed.t.'s."
among other very nice things when
Porcelain's 2-song demo was named
DemoTape O' The Week in September, 1995.

You heard Porcelain on
Live-105, KUSF, and KALX,
Right? No? D'oh!!
Well, then you caught Porcelain live at theFillmore, or
ParadiseLounge and Bottom Of The Hill,
didn't you? What? Where've you been?
It's time to quit missing it, and start writing about it.
Catch Porcelain at Slim's, FRIDAY, JULY 26, 1996 @ 8 P.M.
with Protein, Van Gogh's Daughter, and Portashrine.

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