"I Thought This Was the IHOP"

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Yeh, sure it's a little high-maintenance following an Evan Dando-influenced marimba band--at a club that forgets to advertise--while opening for a group with the word 'baby' in their name. But that doesn't matter if you're Porcelain. Same time, different soundcheck.

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Big Heart City, risen phoenix-like from the ashes of Club Terminator, is another one of those cavernous downtown spaces with one too many distractions and support beams where they don't belong, like center stage. But it has promise, and a smoke machine. We'll be back.

Rich at BHCRich at BHC

Hot on the heels of their most recent Transmission Theater gig, and happy to be in a new venue, the band rocked loose and loud, playing with strictly above-11 intensity. Audiences members commented on being blown backward by the sonic force. Patrons danced. Clumsily. The bizarre 40-something groupie man with the clipboard and the black-and-tan fashion sense pogo'd wildly in the balcony. Beers changed hands. Hearing loss took place, statistically speaking. Keith Richards needed look no further for the best rock and roll band in this particular moment.

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The scary thing was that this was just a tuneup gig for theSFO3 weekend, that media-created, media-hyped music industry tradeshowcase that calls San Francisco its home. Porcelain will be playing gigs at Babylon and Slims--DON'T MISS THEM BEFORE THEY HIT THE ROAD FOR THEIR LONG-AWAITED SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TOUR!

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